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Ruffle Saree Trends That Are Pushed by Bollywood in 2022

Ruffle Saree Trends in Bollywood

Indian designers have been devoting pushing the envelope for sustainable fashion by sourcing fabrics. Ruffles, the fashion of the 17th Century, comes with a big mega-hit in current fashion. The ruffles were fashioned from the British period, which they used in the neck- portion, the cuff of sleeves, as well as in verges. Now our fashion formulators have reinvented these ruffles in an ultramodern way, which mixes with our traditional attires. Saree is one of them which combines with ruffles and comes out with a new trend; these days we call it Ruffle Saree.

Ruffle sarees are a major comeback trend and can be painlessly nominated in multitudinous ways. A ruffle detailing at the border and pallu can make a difference to your antique look

Latest Ruffle Saree Designs 2022

In this current period, everyone loves to look beautiful, and some women want to stay streamlined regarding the latest trend. As you all know ruffle saree blouses were old fashion, and it was the fashion of the 17th century, but now it is in trend, and everyone loves to wear this design. Substantially, Indian celebrities love to wear it, and if any celeb wears it means this fashion becomes a trend now.

You can just add a midriff belt or a piece of statement jewelry to complete your look. Team your ruffled saree with a swish belt. It will help accentuate your midriff to a great extent. One can add a big chunky earring or necklace with your ruffled saree to give you a stirring look.

Kajol in Sizzling Red Six Yards

Beauty lies in simplicity and this is true for our beautiful actress Kajol- who is running out of fashion trends with her gorgeous six yards. Frill sarees can in nearly no way go out of trend in Bollywood, thanks to Yash Chopra and his pictures. The plain red chiffon saree with 3D stretched borders makes for a stunning addition of color to every bridegroom’s marriage trousseau. It is the elegant and strappy matching stretched blouse that gives it the edge and will also give the matter a gorgeous façade.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is the swish lady in Bollywood with a perfect figure. She pulls- off every dress impeccably with her aesthetics and sexy figure. Shilpa looked gorgeous and indestructible in this black and white ruffled saree. The tiered ruffles were a stimulating and cool twist to the traditional ensemble. She rounded off her greyscale-ruffled saree with a sexy sleeveless blouse that had some intriguing reverse details.

Alia Bhatt

Her paisley designer ruffle saree by the Sabyasachi had an unusual charm to it. She looked enough and perfect in this green saree from the collections. She paired her flowy and ruffled saree with a matching unheroic gold one-shoulder blouse. From dewy-eyed makeup to big chandelier earrings gave her a perfect and glammed look for this event.

Glitz & Glam of Gold & Bronze

There is another pick from the rearmost saree trends in Bollywood that is as decent and as glamorous as it can get. The satin citation saree has a golden net pallu with heavy embellishments and a pleated fabric border that makes for the highlight of the look. While it is not veritably delicate to guess that this design is by Manish Malhotra, it does fit impeccably as a choice for a bridegroom planning to wear a saree on their event night.

Bhoomi Padnekar in Arpita Mehta Couture

Bhumi chooses the red latest frill saree. It had ruffles of varying lengths at the verge. She beautifully pulls off a glowing red-ruffled saree from the Arpita Mehta platoon with the same fabric blouse.

Isha Ambani

Isha Ambani wore a black ruffled sari with her left in loose falls and raw- faceless makeup. The rest of the face was kept in the raw-brown shade range.

Final Words

Now, these Ruffle sarees can come in varying patterns. You could have a stretched cape attached over a simple blouse or a waistline-length jacket attached to the blouse. Some longer hip-length jackets are divisible from their blouse couplets giving you the freedom to switch up your look.

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