6 Super Steps To Revive Your Curly Coily Hair Wigs

Coily wigs are a go-to style for any season, weather, or occasion. They’re beneficial when our curls are tired, or we need a wash day. And some of us enjoy changing our hair as frequently as the weather changes. You’ll understand that pull even more if you’re a fire sign.

When your human or synthetic wig appears to be at the end of its life, don’t throw it away just yet! Even after trimming the ends, using a flat iron, and trying everything. When you think you won’t be able to get your coily hair wigs back, follow these steps. I guarantee she’ll feel like royalty.

To get started, you’ll need a few materials. A large enough bin or bowl to submerge your wigs in, your favorite shampoo and conditioner, a wide-tooth comb, two towels, and a few gallons of water are required.

Step 1

To begin, locate a clean and spacious area in your home. If your curly coily hair wigs are long, I recommend doing this on the floor or a low table. That gives you enough way to work with them effectively. Place a towel on the floor and place the wigs to be washed on top.

Step 2

Once you’ve established your area, lay down the second towel and place the bin on top. Squeeze a amount of shampoo into the empty container, depending on the number of wigs you’ll be washing. I’d suggest a dime-sized amount per wig.

Step 3

Pour six cups of water to a boil. This method works best with an electric kettle, but any way will suffice. Once the water begun to boil, pour it into your bin (be careful not to set off a fire alarm!). Again about 6 cups of warm/hot water from the sink. Alternate and repeat this process until you have approximately 24 cups of water. This keeps the water hot but not hot enough to burn your hands.

Step 4

Swirl the water to ensure that the shampoo is evenly distributed. Submerge your coily hair wigs completely in the bin and massage the wig’s scalp. Work your way down through the ends slowly and gently. This is not the time to brush your natural coily wigs out; that will come later with applying the conditioner!

Step 5

After you’ve finished with each wig, empty your bin (the water looks gross). Rinse out your container and repeat the process, but this time with the conditioner. Apply more conditioner than shampoo, about a nickel-sized amount per wig.

Step 6

Take your wide-tooth comb and begin brushing it gently. There may be shedding, but this is to be expected! Brush through the wig to completely untangle it. When you’ve achieved the desired look, gently ring out your wig and hang it to dry.

It’ll still look a little wild at first, but you’ll notice a big difference as it dries! Human hair dries much faster than synthetic hair, so keep that in mind. Apply the finishing touches with a flat iron. If your natural curly wigs are heat resistant, this will lock in the smoothness and silkiness that the conditioner provided. Your wig, as well as your bank account, will thank you!

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