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Cleaning the opaque parquet: guide and practical advice

Parquet is perhaps the type of floor that best gives a sense of warmth and naturalness to an environment.

Loft room with cozy design.

Beautiful, elegant, of different colors, materials and textures, this flooring is among the most used both for the home and for public and private work environments such as offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs.

One of the questions that this type of walkable surface brings with it is: how to clean opaque parquet?

We will try to answer this question in the next paragraphs.

First step to remove the opaque halos on the parquet

When you notice dull halos on the parquet, you should not immediately act with liquid or spray products, just as you would do on a steel surface.

The first thing to do is to perform a surface cleaning to remove any dry dust or dirt that has accumulated in a confined area.

An area of ​​the wooden floor may be opaque due to, for example, a residue of dirt brought there through shoes that are not perfectly clean.

In this case, the broom and the dustpan are enough to solve the problem quickly and definitively or, alternatively, the vacuum cleaner .

Second step: how to wash the parquet

There are different types of products on the market designed for the different characteristics of parquet, but often you can do without chemicals to get a clean floor.

The passage with the broom or with the vacuum cleaner is always necessary to eliminate the coarsest residues and which could become problematic when, subsequently, you go to use the water.

It is always best to make sure that you do not use tools with abrasive ends that could damage the wood flooring, such as brushes or brooms with very hard bristles.

Once the dust, crumbs and other small particles have been removed, the parquet can be washed with warm water and a neutral soap or, alternatively, a specific product (taking care that it is not aggressive).

A microfiber cloth is useful to clean the floor and another to dry it.

Third step: to clean the parquet ask the professionals

Do-it-yourself is fine if you only need to clean one room and if you are sure not to damage the parquet, but when the square meters to be treated are on the order of dozens and you don’t want to take risks, it is always better to rely on companies. professional cleaning .

Experts can make an inspection during which to establish the causes of the parquet opacification and, the best methods of intervention to restore its shine.

Those who have been working in the sector for many years like us at SCS Group know which products and tools to use to get optimal results even on delicate or prestigious materials.

For years of activity we have carried out cleaning parquet has no secrets for us. That include private homes, condominiums, offices, industries, and commercial activities.

Our operators are trained and equipped with everything needed to clean, wash and, when needed, polish wooden floors.

Furthermore, to always be on the side of our customers, we offer the ” 100% Satisfied Quality Guarantee” for which we perform the cleaning again if the result has not reached the expected result. If you want to understand how to clean opaque parquet, 

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