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Difference Between Test And Assessment?

Testing And Assessment Are Considered To Be Synonymous

However, there are differences in these two terms. It’s critical to understand the distinction between assessment and testing while creating education. Continue reading this article to find out the differences


Simply described, a test is a tool, technique, or approach used to assess students’ knowledge or their ability to execute a specific activity. Testing can thought of as a type of assessment in this way, validity and reliability are two fundamental objectives for tests.

The amount to which a test measures what it is designs to assess is refers to as validity.

There Are Various Kinds Of Tests:

Educators to help students be placed in a specific level or division of a language program or institution use placement tests.

Diagnostic tests assist teachers and students in identifying their strengths and limitations.

Proficiency tests are used to determine a learner’s linguistic proficiency.

Achievement test exams are designed to assess the skills and knowledge acquired following some form of teaching.


The verb assess is derive from the French ‘assessor’. Assessment is the act of gathering information about pupils from a variety of sources so that educators may get a sense of what they know and can accomplish with it. Assessment is concerns with the students’ performance, whereas evaluation is focusing on making judgments about instruction, a curriculum, or an educational system. When a student’s performance is judging, assessment occurs. It comprises obtaining and arranging information about the learner in order to make decisions and conclusions about their learning.

There Are Several Types Of Evaluations:

Formative Evaluation:

It is knows as ‘assessment for learning’ since it is process-orienting. It is a continuous process of monitoring learning with the goal of providing feedback to teachers in order to enhance their teaching methods and students’ learning.

Summative Evaluation:

It is product-orienting and is frequently refers to as ‘Learning Assessment.’ It is use to assess a student’s progress and achievement at the end of a certain teaching time.

Alternative Evaluation:

It’s also knows as an authentic or performance evaluation. It’s a different approach to traditional assessment, which mostly depends on standardized tests and exams. Students must complete assignments such as presentations, case studies, portfolios, simulations, and reports, among others. Rather than assessing, what do students know?

The Difference Between Testing And Assessment:

Although the terms test and assessment are often uses interchangeably, they have distinct meanings. A test is a “product” that assesses a specific behavior or set of goals. Meanwhile, evaluation is viewing as a technique rather than a product. The assessment is uses both during and after the instruction. You can analyze the findings of your assessment after you have them and, if necessary, change the instruction. After the training has taking place, tests are conducting to complete the instruction and obtain the results. Unlike assessments, the test findings do not need to be interprets as well.

On The Surface:

the distinction may appear insignificant, yet evaluation and testing are highly different depending on how they are using it. Testing simply refers to the standardizes examinations that students take on a regular basis and for which they obtain grades. Students are usually ranking according to their performance on each specific test.

The problem with testing is that, while it may appear like you are measuring a child’s academic growth, the grades and ‘progress’ are arbitrary. Even from students who consistently bring in BSc or Cs, parents want to see As. Teachers simply learn what they already know through tests: a student’s strengths and shortcomings, not how much they have progresses.

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