Illustrating and Solving the QuickBooks Error PS038

Without any doubt, QuickBooks tries to provide the best to its users by launching new features and offering the latest services. One of the most helpful ones has been the payroll feature which allows the users to easily file taxes, keep records of the monthly expenditure, client’s payment details, and much more. The payroll tax table installed in QuickBooks Desktop must be up to date in order to run payroll. “You’ve got the latest payroll updates, and your payroll subscription has been validated. We strongly advise you to be back online by MM/DD/YYYY. [PS038]”. This is a standard error encountered by multiple users when updating or processing an online transaction which somehow triggers QuickBooks error PS038 in the application and is being recently reported by several users. This article analyzes why the QuickBooks error PS038 occurs and the simple solutions you can implement to fix it. Talking to our support team for resolution will also be quite useful.

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038- A Brief Description

QuickBooks payroll update error PS038 occurs when the user attempts to make an online paycheck, and it gets stuck online with a message, “Online to Send.” The payroll cannot be processed further if the payment is stuck. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to deal with the issue at the earliest to avoid any loss of money or essential files from the program.

Factors Evoking the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038

For the QuickBooks payroll update error PS038 to get triggered, there could be various possible causes, such as:

  1. Expired Subscription: To use the payroll feature, the user needs to subscribe to it regularly. If the subscription is expired, the feature will not function as earlier.
  2. Poor Connectivity: Along with continuous subscription, the user also needs a good internet connection to use the feature without interruptions. Since the payment is done online, an unstable network can cause the amount to get stuck.
  3. Disoriented Tax Report: With QuickBooks and its payroll feature, it becomes easier to regularly maintain the tax table. If there is any error in the expenses and income tallying, the payroll feature might not work appropriately.

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What to Consider Before Eradicating the Error PS038 from QuickBooks Desktop?

Before trying to eradicate the error PS038 from QuickBooks Desktop, users should consider the following things to deflect other issues in the future.

  1. Get the newest version of the QuickBooks application.
  2. Renew the old subscription to the payroll feature.
  3. Install a stable internet connection.

Full-Proof Method to Eradicate the Error PS038 from QuickBooks Desktop

To completely get rid of the error PS038 from QuickBooks Desktop, the users can try this method.

Verify the Paycheck Details

  • Move to the “Check and find pending payrolls online to send” section and get a list of all pending payrolls in QuickBooks.
  • Open the first salary from the list and click the “Salary Details” option. When the “Check Paycheck” window appears, go to the “Earnings” tab.
  • Find the last item in the list and add it again as a new item. This prompts QuickBooks to display the “Net Pay Locked” window. You must click “No” to shut it.
  • Now select the price field for the added item. Confirm that the net wages and taxes are unchanged, and click OK.
  • Click “Yes” when the “History Transactions” message appears.
  • Click the “Save and Close” option and click “Yes” when the “Transaction Record” message appears.
  • Reopen the payroll tab and click the “Paycheck” button. Remove the item added earlier in the above step.
  • Double-check that taxes and net wages have not changed, and click OK.

Summing Up

We have assembled all the crucial information related to the QuickBooks error PS038. This error requires immediate action; hence, we have mentioned the full-proof method to quickly eradicate this issue. However, for any further related problems, you may dial 1-855-856-0042 for support.

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