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Nepal Trekking Tour

Nepal is a wonderland of social revelation and exceptional high mountain traveling, genuinely an explorer’s heaven. With long climbing courses through the Himalayas, Nepal offers daring guests the valuable chance to consolidate mountain journeying, touring, social revelation, and standard translation in undeniably popular and extraordinary ways. You can come to Nepal for Nepal Trekking and Tour.

We offer the most notorious excursions, similar to Everest Basecamp and the Annapurna Base Camp, and a more dark course that takes you outside of what might be expected into the core of the Himalayas. Our Nepal climbing trips highlight dwelling in Tea Houses, U.S. what’s more, neighborhood guides, watchmen, and care staff.

Chitwan Jeep Safari
Chitwan Jeep Safari

1. First class Nepal Trekking Tour Company

A demonstrated directing organization is essential, particularly while climbing in Nepal. At Peregrine Treks, we have been directing individuals into phenomenal scenes like Nepal beginning around 2005 and acquired the best positions on various Trip Advisor pages, 5 stars on Trust Pilot, 5 stars on Google, and 5 stars on Yelp. These great surveys mirror the nature of our excursions and the incredible skill of our staff.

2. Comprehensive Trekking and tour vacation

At the point when you travel and climb in Nepal with Peregrine Treks, you can hope to zero in on journeying and encountering the enchantment of the Himalayas, and let us deal with the unpredictable subtleties like transportation, gear, doormen, teahouse reservations, food, licenses, and that’s just the beginning. We get you at the air terminal on Day 1 and give you everything until we drop you ease off at the air terminal on the last day. This degree of client care is intended to permit Peregrine visitors to make the most of their time in Nepal effortless!

3. Neighborhood Guide

Our Nepal journey is driven by neighborhood guides we have checked, prepared, and welcomed into the Peregrine group. They are the most elite. Having Nepali aides who are likewise prepared to meet the Peregrine quality and chance administration guidelines gives a top-level encounter that gives visitors the social submersion and information that accompanies neighborhood guides, in addition to the trust and certainty that comes from climbing with Peregrine experts.

4. Little Adventure and leisure

Many experience organizations fill trips with up to 24 or 30 visitors, and we can understand why they’re more beneficial. At Peregrine, however, we adopt an alternate strategy. We focus on quality over benefit by covering our Nepal trips at 12 visitors and 2-3 aides in addition to helping staff.

Little gatherings permit us to complete a few things more significant gatherings disallow. To start with, we can alter the experience something else for every person. Second, we can change the climbing pace for individuals so they don’t feel hurried or like they’re being kept down. Also third, visitors get additional time with the aides, which is in many cases a fantastic social encounter.


The nature of Himalayan teahouses can fluctuate essentially on our excursions also. Yet, you can believe that the facilities we select are excellent, clean, and are in significant areas to put us right in real life. This is basic while climbing, particularly on the more famous courses like Everest Basecamp and Annapurna. What’s more, our staff is from the top, grant-winning organizations to guarantee you have a best-in-class insight of our gear on your trip.

Nepal Trekking Tour
Nepal Trekking Tour


Why Nepal for Trekking and Tour

Nepal is likely the world’s most well-known traveling objective, understandably. It’s likewise home to the world’s tallest mountain range, the Himalayas. Nepal offers a universe of outrageous mountain magnificence bound with climbing ways interfacing a trap of moderately crude, high snow-capped Buddhist and Hindu towns.

It would be hard to deliberately plan a more wonderful mountain journeying, social the travel industry objective. As we climb, we are continually in stunningness of the taking off, glaciated Himalayan pinnacles that encompass us, the deep, thundering stream gullies that cross our way, and the beguiling rural societies that have our evening. Nepal is a traveler’s fantasy!


Whether on a climb to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, or another well-known Nepal journey, you can climb alone or with an aide. The benefits of going with an aide organization, similar to Peregrine Treks, are quite a large number:

You will travel with nearby master guides and care staff, which considers a satisfying social encounter and contributes essentially to the neighborhood economies.

We handle the confounded coordinated operations of arranging a Nepal peak climbing, including licenses, neighborhood transportation, watchmen, suppers, gear, and teahouse facilities, and that’s just the beginning.

The Himalayas are perilous, and with a specialist, professional climbing organization, you will appreciate expanded security. Additionally, in the account of a crisis, guide organizations have frameworks to focus on and clear visitors successfully.


Two of the most well-known journey in Nepal are Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp. When choosing the two, understanding the key differences is fundamental. Annapurna is simpler to get to strategically, and Everest Base Camp has more Buddhist religious communities. It arrives at a higher height. Everest Base Camp is more convoluted, and Annapurna Base Camp is somewhat more open (albeit still demanding by most norms). Both are dazzling excursions through the Himalayas and will leave you hypnotized by the magnificence of Nepal.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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