Honeymoon In Kerala: Everything You Need To Know

While the majority of us fantasise about taking a honeymoon trip to a faraway exotic location. We sometimes ignore the tropical paradises that India has to offer. Kerala is sometimes referred to as “God’s own country,” is a paradise for honeymooners, full of delightful surprises that we are unaware of. The state of Kerala provides you with all the natural beauty and lifelong memories that you could ever hope to find outside of India, including backwaters, tea plantations, houseboats, and scented coffee. So explore your nation’s numerous facets, starting with this lovely state of South India. Kerala may be the only state in India to provide you with such variety and stunning beauty all in one. You can celebrate your honeymoon in Kerala by just choosing any of the Kerala Honeymoon Packages 5 Days offered by Lock Your Trip. 

Many Indian couples have Kerala on their bucket lists. And why wouldn’t it be when the state has a huge amount of charming tourist attractions and offers a good amount of entertaining things to do? To say the very least, you will encounter both natural and man-made beauties when you explore the honeymoon locations in Kerala. And when you participate in enjoyable activities, your relationship with your better half will improve. In this blog, we will mention everything you need to know for a perfect and romantic honeymoon in Kerala. 

Location Of Kerala

The beautiful green state of Kerala is located on India’s southwest Malabar coast. Kerala is bounded to the north by Karnataka, to the south and east by Tamil Nadu, and to the west by the Lakshadweep Sea and the Arabian Sea. 

Highlights Of Kerala

Backwaters Of Kerala

The abundance of lakes and lagoons in Kerala, which are linked by waterways, makes it easier to move people and products from one location to another. The backwaters of Kerala are known for attracting travellers from all over the world. Kerala’s backwaters are a fantastic location for your honeymoon because of the cool winds, lush greenery that mother nature surrounds you with, and calm waters. 

Kathakali Performances

Although many people think it is considerably older, Kathakali is one of India’s traditional dance genres and dates back to the 17th century. The show features extravagant costumes, masks, headdresses, and make-up worn by the all-male actors. A narrative is then told via dance, featuring tales from Hindu epics about the struggle between good and evil between gods and goddesses, bad spirits, saints, and animals. The colour of the face makeup serves as a clue as to the type of role being performed; for instance, gods have green faces and ladies have yellow faces. 

Tea And Spice Plantations

Visit one of Kerala’s tea estates set amidst the stunning rolling green hills of the Western Ghats to learn how tea (chai), the most popular beverage in the world, is plucked, dried, sorted, and graded. Despite producing more tea than any other country in the world, over 70% of it is consumed by Indians. The nearby spice farms are also highly recommended for visits. Breathe in the aromas of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, or cardamom as you stroll around the paths. The plantations are fantastic locations to get tasty keepsakes for your home kitchen, but you’ll also discover that many of them have high nutritional and therapeutic value, some are utilised in the cosmetics and perfume industries, and others are used as preservatives. 

Ayurvedic Massage

In order to promote equilibrium inside the body, the ancient practice known as Ayurveda, which in Sanskrit terminology means “knowledge of life,” was developed hundreds of years ago. It’s crucial to take a shower after your massage to remove the toxins that have been released from your skin and would otherwise merely be reabsorbed. In addition to purging the body of toxins and improving blood circulation. It is said to boost the immune system, lower stress, increase energy, promote healthier skin, and improve blood circulation. 

Best Time For Honeymoon In Kerala

Kerala won’t let you down when you arrive for your honeymoon since it is continuously flowing with breathtaking natural beauty. But if you ask us, we’d advise you to schedule your honeymoon during the winter, between October and February. Why so? It’s because the area would have pleasant chilly weather at that time, which is ideal for a honeymoon in Kerala. The top tourist destinations in Kerala for couples will also be much more attractive at this time of year, thanks to new flowers and spices. 

How To Reach Kerala

Kerala is a popular travel destination worldwide. In various articles and magazines, it consistently ranks among the top 25 global destinations. With so many transportation alternatives, visiting this state is really much easier. 

  • By Air: It is simple to fly from anywhere in the world to Kerala. Three international airports connect Kerala with significant global cities. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is located in Kerala’s southern area, whereas Kochi International Airport is in the state’s central region. The international airport at Calicut has flights that link to both domestic and foreign destinations. 
  • By Train: 200 railway stations link the majority of the locations in and outside of Kerala. From Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Bangalore, Kolkata, and other significant Indian cities, direct trains are available to Kerala. 
  • By Road: Through Major Highways NH 17, 47, and 49, Kerala is easily reachable by vehicle from any location in the nation. Kerala’s major cities are connected by a network of state highways and other metallic roads. It has direct road access to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. 
  • By Water: Since Kerala is a coastal state, there are options to go there by sea. There are cruise ships easily accessible from Mumbai, Goa, Lakshadweep, Colombo, and Male. 

Places To Visit In Kerala During Your Honeymoon In Kerala

It’s time to include Kerala’s must-see locations on your honeymoon vacation. So, here are 5 places for you to explore during your honeymoon in Kerala. 

  • Alleppey: Spend a romantic getaway in a beautiful location by travelling with your significant other to Alleppey (Alappuzha), known as the Venice of the East. From Kochi Airport, you can take a cab to the location. As soon as you arrive, take a stroll around to see the picturesque backwaters decorated with different plants. 
  • Wayanad: Walk hand in hand with your partner as you explore Wayanad’s breathtaking natural beauty. You can get here by taking a taxi from the Kozhikode airport. You may experience a variety of natural wonders here, including stunning mountains, pristine forests, endless spice farms, and sizable wildlife sanctuaries. 
  • Munnar: When visiting Kerla for a honeymoon, you simply cannot miss this hill station. Munnar is the ideal location to try them all, whether you want to go on adventures or just relax in the great outdoors with your partner. You may enjoy natural beauties including lush valleys, flowing rivers, threatened species, and beautiful waterfalls here. 
  • Kochi: Come here to see the vast Arabian Sea and the powerful Western Ghats together. You will undoubtedly have a romantic experience while enjoying the scenery and relaxing on a beach with your partner. Additionally, when you visit this location, you will have the opportunity to visit various historic forts, temples, and churches. 
  • Kovalam: Plan your honeymoon in Kerala if you and your partner enjoy beaches to mountains. Kovalam, which includes some of Kerala’s most well-known beaches, is tempting you and your partner to engage in beach fun, explore historic temples and churches, and savour mouthwatering seafood. 

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Staying In Kerala

God’s Own Country’s charm cannot be fully appreciated if you do not stay in the ideal accommodations. While you unwind at one of the Kerala resorts included in the list below, enjoy the stunning views of the wonderful location. This list gives you a variety of alternatives to pick from so you may choose what’s best for your honeymoon in Kerala. 

  • Mountain Trail Resort, Munnar
  • The Villa Romantica, Cochin
  • Marari Beach Resort, Alleppey

Some Facts About Kerala

  • India’s second-cleanest state is Kerala, marginally after Sikkim. 
  • Kerala ranks third among the top 5 states in India for alcohol use. 
  • The first ayurvedic centre in the world is located in Kerala at Somatheeram. 
  • Kerala uses 20% of India’s gold, which can be seen in the wedding dress there. 
  • It has an excellent literacy rate of 93.91 percent, making it the most literate state in India. 
  • Kerala had previously been listed as one of the top ten paradises in the world by National Geographic. 

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