India’s top Himalayan hikes


India’s snow-capped mountains, rich forests, and rough terrain have traditionally been the focus of adventurous Himalayan excursions. And, while it may appear that these top Himalayan hikes are too expensive, they are not. Beginner-friendly hikes like Dayara Bugyal, Brahmatal, and Kedarkantha are ideal all year, save during the rainy season. Treks such as Hampta Pass, Valley of Flowers, Kashmir Great Lakes, and Tarsar Marsar are available during the monsoon season, which runs from July to September. If you wish to hike in the snow, plan your trip around April and November. If you want to trek in the spring, check for treks including Sandakphu Phalut, Khopra Ridge, and Goechala around March and April.

The trek of tosh

Parvati Valley, amongst the most lowland areas in the region, is another favourite destination for Himalayan hikers, and Tosh is a prominent section of this valley. Glacial lakes, meadows, a blue poppy field, and other sights may be seen along the way. Tosh village is 40 kilometres from Kasol and is easily accessible in one day. The cost is INR 2,950.

Duration: 2 Days Elevation: 7040 feet. Level of Difficulty: Easy-Moderate.

Deoben trek: 

This weekend hike begins at Chakrata and leads towards the mountains of the Deoban valley, which provide a breathtaking panorama. Chakrata is 330 kilometres from Delhi and requires an overnight drive to get there. This 15-kilometer hike offers breathtaking views of mountain peaks, strange and lush-green woods, and a dense canopy. Price: INR 3,550 Duration: 2 Days Elevation: 9,279 feet

Level of Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

From December through May is the best time to visit.

Trek of Sandakphu Phalut:

Mount Everest, Mount Makalu, Mt Kanchenjunga, and Mt Lhotse can all be seen from the Sandakphu Phalut trip, which is one of the few hikes where you can see them all. This climb, also known as the Sleeping Buddha, allows you to relax at the summit among surreal beauty and spend a terrific time away from the rush and bustle. INR 12,450 (about)

Duration: 7 Days Elevation: 11,950 feet

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Mid-September through April is the best time to visit.

Mukta top trek:

This trekking location is relatively new among Himalayan treks, and it is about 430 kilometres from Delhi. Temperatures as low as -5 were recorded in the winter months of December to March. During the summer, the temperature hovers between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius. The stunning landscapes of either the slopes and the charming woodlands may be enjoyed while on this journey. Price: INR 8,950 Duration: 6 Days Elevation: 11,838 feet

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Best Jan-June is the best time to visit.

Beas kund trek:

Beas Kund trip is without a doubt one of the most lovely Himalayan treks that every eager trekker should undertake at least once. During the summer, the temperature hovers at 18-20 degrees Celsius, dropping to 1-2 degrees below zero. This is one of the greatest options for first-timers as well as seasonal trekkers who want to go it alone. Price: INR 6,850 Duration: 4 Days Elevation: 12,772 feet

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

June-September is the best time to visit.

Har ki dun trek:

Har Ki Dun is one of India’s oldest trekking paths, taking you past historic villages, tranquil mountains, mountain ranges, and verdant woods. Prepare to come face to face with bulls, badgers, and bears along the road! (if you’re fortunate)

Price ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 9,000 per person.

11,675 feet above sea level.

Timeframe: 5 Days

April to June and August to December are indeed the best months to go trekking.

Trek of Kedarkantha:

Choose whichever option you like, but don’t leave Kedarkantha Journey without overnight in one of the most beautiful campgrounds you’ve ever seen. Although Juda-Ka-Talab is by far the most well-known campground, all of the campsites have breathtaking views of something like the Himalayas as the early light hits the mountain summit.

Price ranges from INR 7,500 to INR 7,500 per person.

12500 feet above sea level.

4 day duration

December through April is the best time to go trekking.

Some important points that you should keep in mind before trekking.

Know the weather forecast and plan your route accordingly.

Make sure you have sturdy trekking shoes that you’ve worn previously and have broken in.

Keep energy bars and dried fruits on you at all times.

Wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the mountain’s cold and ice winds.

Prior to actually going on a hike, have a medical checkup.

The cost of the hike of himalayas would range jetx from Rupees 9,000 through INR 15,000 on average. The actual fee varies depending on the route. 

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